Picture Painting

by Cosha Don, NJC



Picture Painting is a track all about visual lyricism, bringing some brains to the notepad rather than the usual cliches found in many of todays ramblings about ghetto lifestyle.


Dangerously spitting spark with the stricken
Flames lit torch like an arson offence
Spray bars of jargon ears deafen in seconds
Damage tendons in henchmen no half stepping
Smash pretenders like pumpkins in mic sessions
Hold vengeance on a page wrote intensive
The curse bless this high off their own agendas
Thoughts are like entourage in narrow entrance
skitsophranic Criminality until I’m sentenced
Then emerge from hells gates in redemption
Militant hold down my own with diligence
Sixteen’s ant enough I spit infinite
Lines diminish perish emcees self defence
With no image get thrown in a fatal scrimmage
Acknowledge the realness off microphone splitters
Violent pens on these scriptures

It’s nothing but expressing mad pain for my people to gain
So they can feel our reign so what you saying
On the microphone its picture painting
It’s all about the words and bars that I’m spraying

Pen violence in silence syllables and hi fens
The flow frightens I’m viscous on a python
My staff strikes dozens tribe’s teams asylums
Aspire the titan with the style drunken
I’m dumping sixteen’s on production
Some say it’s deep to the core level substance
It’s all custom cutting up bars disgusting
Dissect talking out the hat split heads
Hell bent sent with a slight hesitant
Aftermath apocalypse standing for the judgment
Sudden death rapturous return with the hex
Spray vex on the set when the blaze commence
Tactics of the ill bread full of antics rampant
Hands like triangular mic grip might spit
In shabby garments expressing afluents
Off the top trapped in this Babylon plot


released January 1, 2014
released 01 January 2014
Beat: NJC,
Bass : MR Lee
Produced: NJC



all rights reserved


Cosha Don England, UK

Cosha Don is a British Hip Hop artist. During the mid 90’s Cosha Don aka Sean Foster started rocking mic’s at the tender age of 12.
For over 15 years Cosha has stuck true to his art and continued to develop his style, keeping it real to his musical roots. Expect straight up Hip Hop, Lyrical word-play and credible flows.
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