For Da Luv

by Cosha Don, NJC



Verse One

I think philosophic, serve words over beats like prophets,
Atomic, exploding from the rage catastrophic,
Burgundy eyes a tribe hide in folklore,
Explore from the shore, with double edge words for war,
Complex like jigsaw’s trying to formulate the torn,
Get pressed with thorns never break a promise when sworn,
Sustain from injuries like scars of iniquity
Experimenting chemistry result to ruckus on street,
Locked in concentration, the shook weep in condemnation,
The final empire strike back on fornication,
A genesis formation travelling exodus,
For revelations of what we trust the hunger of us,
Crumble hash to dust breaking the mould through the cold,
A cold world of harsh lust captivates homes and households,
I do this for the luv, strugglers and lost tugs
Spit the game from above, only one I trust,


No need to brag or cuss with the styles we buss,
Cos we do it for the love, we do it for the love,
Even thou there aint much, and the fame aint enough,
We still do it for the love we do it for the love,
Do it for the love til the last page I touch,
Do it for the love for every mic I clutch
Do it for the love, it’s for the love,
It’s for the love, do it for the love,
Escape the lynch, rupture barriers of what you think,
Standing with a lost team jinx about to sink,
Thoughts are monomania, haunted by the saviour
Misolania scripts, cranium splits,
Deep verses underneath the surface of land,
As raw verses expand, my trigger hand holds the pen to disband,
A mischief maker snake decapitator blood thirsty for the venomous taste,
Before after life departure, ambiguous marcher from the kaba,
Death warrants issued on a martyr, dark sagas continue from ancestors,
The drum and microphone sonata, combined with celestas,
Demeen from oppressors, spaz like aggressors on offences,
Storm enemy trenchers with sacret measures adjust metrics,
Expose the hellish what they embellish, my state of thought,
Is distraught and unpleasant, speak the message,


released January 1, 2014
released 01 January 2014
Beat: NJC
Produced: NJC



all rights reserved


Cosha Don England, UK

Cosha Don is a British Hip Hop artist. During the mid 90’s Cosha Don aka Sean Foster started rocking mic’s at the tender age of 12.
For over 15 years Cosha has stuck true to his art and continued to develop his style, keeping it real to his musical roots. Expect straight up Hip Hop, Lyrical word-play and credible flows.
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