Complex (ft. Voodoo Browne)

by Voodoo Browne, Cosha Don, NJC, Mackadena



Mash-up of 'When The levee breaks' from Led Zeppelin, beat made by Dutch producer Mackadena (DvD Beat Company / Ambiel) all brought together by the guys main producer, NJC.



Voo V1.

It's da return of the psychopath
Leavin a blood bath on da war path cos these new rappers make me laugh no skills real craft
Skinny jeans hanging off they're arse skids visible
On da mic terrible I'm a Viking striking my axe down on da head of a trendie seeking street cred
(I'm filling my mouth up wid a phat cloud of ched)
Chucking sum buff gash outta my bed
Shaking her head in disgust
This ain't what we discussed
Nut bust it was lust not love
Maybe we can start a friendship wid beneficial benefits
I just pointed to the front door
Don't pick up da mic if you not sure move to the stage door before you get the trap door!

Voo V2.

I'm the unexpected mic wrecker lyrics deck ya
Words sweep ya off ya sneakers
Jeepers creepers
Spooking out speakers wid my evil chant casting a demonic spell
Through your eyes I visit ya soul
Through your ears let my drums take control
Get swallowed whole like Jonah and the whale a fishy tale
I drop scientific proven fact
Widout the gimmick
My vocals are the gadget on show
I wanna grow like a craze and blow
from this side to da other side of da globe
Wid my crew in tow gigging as I go around
Travel on foreign ground
Performing my loud sound
Live da crowd gets down
They're energy's lifting me up
Levitation from radio stations got my tracks on rotation!

Listeners are craving
(HD niggah!


released January 1, 2015
released 01 January 2015
Beat: Mackadena
Produced: NJC



all rights reserved


Cosha Don England, UK

Cosha Don is a British Hip Hop artist. During the mid 90’s Cosha Don aka Sean Foster started rocking mic’s at the tender age of 12.
For over 15 years Cosha has stuck true to his art and continued to develop his style, keeping it real to his musical roots. Expect straight up Hip Hop, Lyrical word-play and credible flows.
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