Black Magic

by PBCD, Cosha Don.



Black Magic is a track which sees a collaboration between Cosha Don and Polar Bears Can Dance aka Jimmy Hickmott.
With Cosha bringing the Verbal dexterity and PBCD on the breaks and horns, this is an intoxicating blend of Supernatural WitchCraft.


Bring fourth the new challenge soul apart from spirit
Hustle of a vocalist renowned lost and found
Beneath the ground who take a bow
Rise from hell showers first half of the siesta
Not a dweller investor of rhymes essential
Place shrines inside verse telepathic scriptural
The flow I bring is natural awaken from the orchestral
Saw it fatal made me slip on old recitals
Horror graphic penmanship gathers of the swordsmanship
Of the force ill-used written enforce
Verbal defence as the nemesis weakens
Arch deacons with death preaching I’m bleeding
On imaginary science penning bars feeling vibrant
In belligerence heads or tails of two pence
Essence I return face the clearance within distance
Is the eclipse lost appearance ask to guide
Through delinquent escape zero the fear of an anti-hero
In plead formist left sound boy duppy of the track
Feeling edgy enclosed ideologies upon the
Alone with somebody walk into the room
And see nobody the hidden Ghandi raggedy
On my soul steady ducking anarchy trapped
In a form of custody got to escape b
Vocabulary thoughts are shady keep mics blessed
With the spinner like a sinner repent demons
Hold me as I comment the art they can’t prevent
The face mask barrage content I represent
Playing with the flame burning the event with torment
Only the music excellence bring the plan to scarlet
Lyrical undergraduate place on step with black jacket
Now unfortunate place rhymes with merit
Used to flame throw with mad styles now give credit

Death burial struck left side of the cranial
Exalt spiritual raising levels unreachable
Keep it credible situation on herbal
Only think about the next line before
The crucify search you left hung with page
Of dirtiest tongue kill these extreme
With specialist weaponry your past time
Is in a solemn state of ill natured
Unpleasant left tolerant breaking super structure
The impact of an lost radar in texture
Burning picture left poison in the mixture
The boiler when blood order death
Got a taste to see the blood demise a spot on your chest
Walk streets unblessed another alone pacifist
Spill supreme vocalist the writer
No Baptist my dark target analysis
Explosion with tight fist smoking two when unimpressed
Who’s ever next put in context the pace
To earn degrees is a conquest lyrical strapped
Emcees is not bless perform like a opportunist
Haunted through the forest in the game to much egotist


released July 30, 2015
Beat : PBCD aka Jimmy Hickmott
Produced : NJC



all rights reserved


Cosha Don England, UK

Cosha Don is a British Hip Hop artist. During the mid 90’s Cosha Don aka Sean Foster started rocking mic’s at the tender age of 12.
For over 15 years Cosha has stuck true to his art and continued to develop his style, keeping it real to his musical roots. Expect straight up Hip Hop, Lyrical word-play and credible flows.
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